Spring 2011 – colours.

Thinking ahead to spring 2011 I thought I’d share the top ten colour shades revealed by Pantone yesterday. The theme has been named ‘Escapism‘ given the shade inspiration comes from exotic places – namely Africa, India, Peru, and Turkey – and seems quite a lively, yet quite muted, selection.

Looks like brown is making a come back as a summer time colour (which is great news for me!) and seems orange shades will make it to the mainstream (not such good news for me – or probably anyone?!)

Not sure how this will help you with your shopper planning quite yet, but its good to see what’s on its way in the world of style – sure to be seen on the catwalks, in the stores and across designs and homewares when the sun comes out next year.

According to Pantone, “The biggest colors you’ll see on the spring runways are (left to right, from top to bottom): Honeysuckle, Regatta, Coral Rose, Beeswax, Peapod, Blue Curacao, Russet, Silver Peony, Lavender, and Silver Cloud.”


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  1. Clare

    Love this post! So artsy and practical!

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