So, these are not all my personal style but with so many weddings at the moment I thought I’d pull together some of the unusual and standout cakes being designed at the moment. Which is your favourite?

Simple style……..

No tiers, but made up for by the ‘maltesers’!!! 😉

Mini cheesecake anyone?


Interesting colour scheme……!

French wedding style……..

And again, reaaaallly?!!!

For the chocolate lover…….. 😉

P.S! I just discovered that a couple in Cardiff had the first ever Marmite wedding cake!!! Honestly with marmite instead of jam and everything! Click here to see the proof….



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3 responses to “Cake-style……

  1. Oh, I thought you just meant a Marmite logo. Ewww, I love Marmite, but it’s a wedding!

    What cake is your style?

    • The Red Umbrella Chronicles

      I know! A bit crazy, hey?! I bet the guests were shocked!! My favourite of these cakes is the second one down, simple, traditional, sophisticated with fresh flowers. What about you? What did you have?

  2. CinZilicious

    just browsin thru ur past post and i cudnt not leave a comment on this one! marmite cake! that is nasty!!! and did i mention, i hate marmite? lol
    i think with weddin cakes its better to stick to simple but elegant designs:)


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