Just give it a twirl….

Although I can’t afford it often, Kate Spade is one of my favourite brands. I love their colourful stylish clothes and classic shoes and bold bags. I even love their fabulously designed stores and warm interiors. They have the most fabulous website that is full of gorgeously shot and laid out photos and colourful inspiration – www.katespade.com that is fun just to look through. They have such a clear and recognizable identity and, well, basically, the brand makes me feel happy.

They are launching a perfume in Autumn and here’s the behind the scenes video of their new advertising campaign. I love the glamour, and the track makes me want to wiggle just sitting in my office!! They say the perfume is created for “colorful days and cocktail soirées” and this video captures that perfectly. A fun snippet to brighten up your day.


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  1. Siobhan

    Kate spade is my fave too!!! Mmmm must go back to NY one day soon (just for Kate obv!!) xx

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