Madonna spoof by BMW

If all advertising could grab your attention for over 6 minutes there would be some rich people out there.

I did not look away from this for a moment, and yes I do kinda think BMW is just a bit more rockstar cool having seen it. This short film directed by Guy Ritchie  stars Clive Owen, a M-series tiger sports car, and a ‘recognizable’ musical superstar portrayed in a less than good light!

If only all ads were this watchable and entertaining………



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2 responses to “Madonna spoof by BMW

  1. Judith Nicklin

    Wow, whoever said ´revenge is a dish best eaten cold´ knew what they were talking about. He really has got his revenge. Great ad. Will she be able to stop it?

    • The Red Umbrella Chronicles

      Actually it’s quite an old one so it did air online already but I am sure she wasn’t happy about it!!! With online ads, its hard to stop anything now!!

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