Travelling comfortably?

Why is it that planes are always so uncomfortably hot before dinner, yet freezing cold afterwards? And why is it that the blankets on-board are so  insanely static? And who on earth designed the new Cathay Pacific economy seats which are without a doubt the most uncomfortable seats in the world? The stresses that come with air travel are indeed endless. Long distance travel is best experienced with preparation!!

My recent travels have led me to tale a small ‘pack’ for the plane with moisturizer, tissues, ear plugs, eye mask, lip balm, blow up pillow etc all included. So more or less I am pretty much as comfortable as you can be. BUT just today I discovered this Ralph Lauren travel set with cashmere blanket and an eye mask (in a bag that also doubles as a pillow.) And surely that has just upped the comfort levels by a huge step?!  But at nearly $400 for the set, is it worth it???



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