Hello Kitty, goodbye pocket money

Personally I am not a water ‘follower’. That is to say that I am totally un-fussed whether I drink Evian, Aquafina, Dasani, Volvic etc etc. Sparkling water may be different, but ‘still’ mineral water? Well to me it’s all more or less the same. Agree?

So when I came across the Japanese Fillico Helly Kitty water for $100 USD a bottle I was no less than flabbergasted!! I probably shouldn’t have been, having seen the serious following this cute little cat has in Asia, but still $100??

The “luxury” water comes in five colors which represent different themes: Red (friendship), Pink (cute), Yellow (heartful), Green (wishes) and Lavender (sweet). OTT and bound to be a hit in Japan, you’ll be pleased to know you can even buy the set for a mere $500 investment!


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