Momentary Music

This morning I am running out the house, trying to get everything done, whilst fixing my outfit, my hair, the breakfast and updating here all at the same time! Its lucky that ladies have been granted the ability to multitask hey?!

(Our ability over men on this front, by the way, has apparently recently  been “scientifically proven”!  Worth a read of the below UK article just for entertainment value- and for the next dinner party discussion on this highly debated topic!! )

But, I started this post to start your day with this killer track from Wonder Girls, called Nobody. Have you heard it? It has been huge in Asia for months and is solidly played across bars and restaurants and even the hairdresser. I totally love it! Upbeat, entertaining and so dancable! If fact just listening now my feet are bopping at my desk! A little ‘poppy’ perhaps for everyday listening but certainly it works to raise a smile and get you moving – and based on the youtube views I am not the only one who thinks so! Wow.  Plus the opening of the video is totally hilarious and the dance moves throughout keep this level of entertainment up to the end! Anyway, turn it up while you get ready this lovely Saturday morning, and enjoy!


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