Winter warm?

Is it too early for me to plan ahead for my winter wish list already? Given some parts of the world are in the middle of winter right now (I know its a chilly 12 degrees in Cape Town and Sydney today) I think I can at least start looking right?

I came across this stunning Aviator jacket from Swedish brand ACNE (‘Ambition to Create Novel Expressions’) and although its a little over my normal ‘winter jacket budget’, and in fact not even my normal style, I totally fell in love.

On looking at the brand further, I love their minimalist designs, subtle elegance, simple lines and luxurious fabrics.  Their style is unique and their stores are simply to die for (16 of them across 9 countries!). They have the type of shops you just enjoy being in. Sophisticated, simple decor, with glass and wooden shelves displaying the shoes and an overall bright and open feel with plenty of space to wonder and enjoy. My perfect type of store.  Amazingly they also have ACNE Film and ACNE Paper (an independent magazine) and originally they started off an ad advertising agency. Indeed a brand to learn from as well as buy from!

So below is THE jacket, the ‘Cream Velocite Aviator Jacket’ for you to enjoy and a few other photos so you get the whole feel of this fabulous cutting edge brand…….



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