Brighten up the journey….

I have to travel a lot for work and its only since I have started spending such an extortionate amount of time in airports that I really started to understand the value of investing in your luggage. Yes, its expensive, but it lasts for ever (or should do) so at a cost per use, its surely worth the investment??

The options are endless but Rimowa has to be up there with the very best. Functionally, its durable, light weight and has a range that spans from carry-on’s to beauty cases. They come with T.S.A locks as standard and perfectly girly optional bags for shoes, suits and even notebooks.  Emotionally, well I have to say, you do feel that little more special, and infinitely more stylish, when you approach the check in with these cases!

There’s a lot one can perfect in 112 years and Rimowa have got it just right with their signature aluminum shells and parallel grooves.  Today I am ooh-ing all about the new Salsa Air collection, stunning boldly coloured accessories that make packing, and airports, that little bit more bearable!



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